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Finding the right paper can seem like an overwhelming task, but it’s important to use the right paper for your project. This handy cheat sheet will help you to make the right choice.

Knowing the desired outcome of your project is the first step, and the easiest one. Whether creating a report for a big meeting or brochures for your business, knowing the type of paper to use is a key element to a great looking project.

The coating, or lack thereof, on paper can truly effect the look of the project. For instance paper with ColorLok Technology® creates exceptionally detailed images by enhancing colors and producing a crisper looking text. When choosing paper, keep in mind what you’re attempting to accomplish and the printer you plan to use.

The brightness, paper size and weight are all important factors when picking paper for your project, but weight and brightness tend to be the most confusing details when making your choice.

BRIGHTNESS: The number associated with the brightness of a sheet paper is simply stating the contrast between white paper and dark toner. The higher the brightness of the paper, the be better quality of image will print on the paper.

WEIGHT: Various weights of paper should be associated with the project type. For instance, heavier weighted paper such as Card Stock, is known for its durability and should be associated with covers or signs.

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